Importance of using a Housekeeping app

Are you finding a perfect housemaid at this moment?

If yes, you might be well aware of how daunting a task it is. Handling the different daily chores perfectly is not that easy, not even finding a perfect housemaid. Technology has blessed us with a lot of gifts and convenience is surely one that we all appreciate. The introduction of mobile apps has made things much more convenient for users now. Whether you have to book a taxi or have to get an appointment with a doctor now, everything can be done streamlined using a related app without any hassle.

Finding an on-demand house made is a daunting task. The housemaid we are going to choose should not only need to be good at performing a wide range of tasks but also need to be reliable, credible, and trustworthy to choose from after all it is a matter of safety for our family.

The introduction of on-demand maid finder mobile apps has saved users from spending a lot of time searching out reliable options. Along with the service seekers this app has served to be a great assistance for the service providers as well. Housemaids can conveniently register themselves to this app and explore more opportunities with better payments.

Basic Architecture of the On Demand Housekeeping app

On Demand Housekeeping app includes three different types of panels for handling the different ends perfectly.

Housekeeping app Customer Panel:

Easy Registration

It is the very first section of the app where the user lands. One can easily get registered themselves here using their social media accounts or email ids.

Cleaner’s Information

The section offers users the facility of selecting and viewer’s cleaner’s information such as their experience, expectation, preferable location, preferable daily chores, and much more.

Book Multiple Cleaners

This section makes it easier for customers to book multiple cleaners for their houses depending upon their requirements.

Cancel/Reschedule Booking

Customers can easily cancel or reschedule their book at their convenience without making many efforts.

Push notifications

Customers are often informed about recent updates such as payment status, completion of booking, etc. through push notifications.

May Payments

Users of this app can opt for their preferred payment options at their convenience.

GPS Tracking

This application offers the user the freedom of tracking the status of the housemaid. They can check their routes and can find out at what time the housemaid is going to be at your doorsteps.

Ratings and Reviews

Every housemaid being enlisted on this platform is being rated and reviewed as per the cleaning assistance they provide to the previous customers and that makes the other customer convenient to find out reliable options and for verifying the job assignments.

Housekeeping app Panel:

Accept/Reject Booking

House Maids have the accessibility to accepting or rejecting any booking as per their availability.

Notifications and Alerts

House Maids are notified with the notification messages once the after confirming the services by the users or related to changing or rescheduling the services.

Update End Time

House Maids are provided with the option of updating the end time of their services once after the completion of the services. This feature is quite helpful for the maids to keep track of their working hours.

View Invoices

House Maids have the facility of checking out the cost structure, several hours consumed, and extra working hours or days in the invoice generated conveniently.

View Order

The presence of this feature in the on-demand housemaid finder app makes it easier for housemaids to keep track of their orders. Moreover, this feature also helps them in checking out the order status and the number of orders pending or completed at a particular moment.

Housekeeping app Admin Panel:

Manage Customer

Whether it’s service providers or service seekers all of the consumers are connected to this and depends upon the corresponding orders. Its admin takes on the responsibility of managing all of the entries successfully.

Add/Delete/Change Details

This feature helps admins to add, delete or change any kind of details conveniently. Admins can conveniently update the work status of the housemaids and assign them orders as per the pending user request.

Track Active/Inactive Customers

Admin is free to track all of the active or inactive customers and can also keep track of the consumers who are availing maximum orders at this moment. This feature is quite helpful in determining the different strategies successfully.

Accept or Reject Maid Request

Admin is free to accept or reject the maid requests registered on the app and the request aligned with each of them.

Manage Instant Bookings

Admin has the authority to assign a particular maid to the service seekers in case of instant requests made. This feature seems to be quite helpful for service seekers to meet up their emerging urges conveniently.

Manage Payments

The on-demand housemaid finder app is well known for its affordability and transparency. The cost structure included in this app is managed by the admin.

Different Maid Services offered at On Demand Housekeeping app

On Demand House Maid Finder Services offers a wide range of services to the customers such as:

Child Care

The app offers babysitter solutions and childcare nannies at convenient pricing.


Hiring schedules in this busy schedule have become quite common these days. A large volume of people today opt for hiring cooks to enjoy ready-made cooked food. This platform provides users with experienced and well-qualified cooks conveniently.

Elderly Care

Not only the children require assistance but the elder ones we have at our home too. On Demand Housekeeping app also provides elderly care services. It includes well-experienced and highly qualified caretakers in this list that provide absolute services at a convenient end.

House Cleaning

On-demand housemaid finder app is a perfect platform to enjoy house cleaning chores conveniently. The platform includes a huge range of professional and experienced house cleaners in our team that can perform different house cleaning tasks efficiently.


One can also opt for laundry services using the on-demand housemaid finder app.

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