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Handy man Booking app

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If yes, Appoks Infolabs is a solution you can connect with. Being featured with a lot of advanced features Appoks Infolabs provide efficient help to the users in creating customized and fully functional websites.

Technology has led us to an era where everything is being streamlined and easy to go. Whether it is about cleaning or repairing services, whether it is about pest control or painting, everything can be accessed easily using different platforms.

It would be regardless of how difficult it is to use the different applications for a user. The involvement of multiple applications in a platform makes the process complex?

So, what to do in that scenario. The best solution for the same is to provide users with a platform where they can effectively meet a plethora of services. Handyman booking apps have emerged as a perfect platform to meet out the different services effectively. The integration of such platforms into the marketplace has made things much more convenient for the users. Right from the features to benefits and costing we will try to discuss every single detail here in this guide.

Features of Handy man Booking App

Handyman Booking App is a perfect way to enable different services perfectly. It is a platform that has worked tremendously in saving people from the headache of managing different services simultaneously. It is a featured loaded option to enable different services such as:

Benefits of Handy man Booking app

Handy man Booking App is one of the most preferable and popular platforms to enable different handyman services conveniently just at the fall of a single click. The platform is a perfect way to enable different services conveniently. It is a feature-loaded platform that offers a wide range of benefits to the users such as:

  • The platform has helped both the service providers and users save much of their time while finding out the relatable services.
  • The platform doesn’t impose any direct or hidden commission and hence it is a perfect way to save a lot of your money in the long run.
  • The platform is designed to be quite easy to access. Whether it is about searching for a service or it is about hiring one, everything has been streamlined effortlessly.
  • The integration of this wonderful platform has made it easier for the users to get access to a wide range of handyman services effortlessly. The platform has increased the accessibility of the different services.
  • Handy man booking app offers users seamless accessibility over verified handyman service providers effortlessly.
  • It also enables users access to cashless payment assistance and that can further helps different users to stay stuck to the different services here.
  • The job seekers here can effortlessly go for a  job search here as per their availability.
  • It is a perfect and most popular platform that runs on an on-demand model and has assisted people in generating high-end revenues effortlessly.
  • The best thing about this wonderful platform is that it includes very low or no startup costing. Being a job seeker the only thing you need to invest in here is the tools and equipment you have to have on.
  • The platform is designed to be quite easy to use and includes auto operations along with a tech-powered model and that further has made the access quite convenient.
  • Users are free to decide their niche. They can go for their preferable commercial or residential services as per their preferences.
  • It offers job seekers the freedom of enabling multiple revenue options such as service commission, appointment fees, convenience charges, onboarding fees, and much more.
  • The platform has helped us with great assistance in becoming a brand and services spreading all around the market.
  • The majority of the service providers get paid within 72 hours of their job completion.

Features of Handy man Booking App

Handy man Booking App is a perfect way to enable different services perfectly. It is a platform that has worked tremendously in saving people from the headache of managing different services simultaneously. It is a featured loaded option to enable different services such as:



Find Nearby Handy man

The handy man booking app comes up with a wonderful feature that makes it easier for the users to find the nearby handyman efficiently. It is a demand application that has made it quite easier for the users to get connected with the different handyman professionals efficiently.

Whether you are a carpenter or you are a plumber you don’t need to move far away to find a perfect job. This application has emerged as a great option where you can easily get connected with a wide range of handyman workers .



Transparent Pricing

The handy man booking application is designed to give complete transparency to the users. One can now easily get aware of the different hidden or direct charges included for the repairs and the cleaning services.

It is a perfect platform that provides absolute details related to service charges, estimation, cancellation charges, and much more before hiring the services. The platform is being designed after considering the demands and requirements of different people out there. 



Multiple Payment Options

Handy man Booking Apps comes up with different payment options and that makes the access quite convenient to the users. You can now easily create an app or home services using this platform without thinking much of the different payment channels. The user interface is being designed to be quite interactive and simple that even a layman would easily understand. 

Keeping this in mind, businesses have a large group of organized customers already looking for services or products to buy. 


Live Tracking

Handy man Booking App is a platform that offers users the freedom of tracking the handyman in real-time. It is a perfect platform to get all the detailed reports and activities of the handyman efficiently.

Once the preferable handyman has accepted the job for you, you can easily track his/her movement and can get to know how much time it will take to reach out to your preferred location.


Customer Loyalty Programs

The availability of the customer loyalty programs is another wonderful feature of this platform that has forced users to stick to its services effortlessly. The application provides different offers and discounts to the users using promo codes and discounts and that makes it easier for the customers as well to enable repeated business.

The application is used to send push notifications to the users to keep notifying the users about the different offers and referral code features so that it could draw more users to the application.


Scheduled appointments

Handyman Booking app offers users the freedom of scheduling appointments or booking instantly as per their convenience. Moreover, it also offers users the freedom of making bookings as well.

We include a team of highly skilled professionals who make sure to follow up on your instructions very carefully and complete the given task within the least possible time. 

App Approval On Play Stores

The job of an app developer doesn’t end up with just developing the application, it starts with the same. Every task being assigned to the Appoks Infolabs is a way to access seamless services. Once you have assigned us with the app development projects, we owe you world-class services without any failure. We not only are associated with the development of the application with you, but we also ensure the launching of the application on different application stores such as the Google Play Store or iOS store. We include a team of highly skilled professionals who make sure to follow up on your instructions very carefully and complete the given task within the least possible time. 

We make apps that works!

By creating a mobile apps, companies will be able to alleviate some of the stress that comes with running a business through a number of different functions.

Let’s Develop an End-to-End on-demand solution for your business.

How much does it cost to develop a handyman booking app?

The exact cost of developing a handyman booking application depends upon the different factors. The major thing that impacts the overall pricing of the app development is the kind of platform you are intending to support i.e. Android, iOS, or Web. Moreover, the development time, customization and creation of the app, its design complexity, targeted platforms, backend app development, and product management are some of the other major aspects that decide the overall cost of the handyman booking application.

More complex things will add to the development phase higher would be the overall pricing. In addition to all these things, several experts or professionals involved and technologies included in the section also increase the overall cost of the handyman booking app development. 

How Appoks Infolabs can assist you in Handyman Booking App?

Appoks Infolabs is a platform that is being recommended by the majority of the professionals out there for developing different applications effortlessly. The platform has emerged as great assistance and is helping out a large number of service providers and the needy in a perfect way. It is one of the most reputed and trustworthy platforms in the marketplace that makes it easier for the users to get perfectly customized apps within the least possible time. 

Appoks Infolabs includes a team of highly qualified and expert professionals who work in a collaborative model to provide you with absolute results. The professionals being included here go through every single detail being provided by you in deep and then try to assist accordingly. Each of the applications being designed here is a perfect example of unique and well-elaborated ideas.


In case you’re willing to start up your handy booking application, make sure to connect to Appoks Infolabs without any failure. It is a wonderful on-demand application development platform that has succeeded in grabbing the attention of users globally. Users here can easily develop an app that can perfectly solve the problems of different users and hence works for making lives much easier. Appoks Infolabs is one of the leading on-demand app development companies that is assisting people in getting on-demand handyman booking applications for both iOS and Android devices. 


What is a handyman app?

A handyman booking app is a platform or service provider that helps customers in accessing a plethora of services such as painting, pest control, cleaning, plumbing, and much more in just a few clicks. 

How long does it take to get a review of the handyman application?

It can take up to two weeks or sometimes more to get a review on the handyman review application. 

How much can I make money on the handyman app?

It depends upon the time and kind of work you have performed. More will be the number of targets you have achieved over there higher would be your overall income. However, a skilled handy, and can easily earn from $22 per hour to $45 efficiently. 

Is handyman only for men's jobs?

It’s not. But still, the majority of the job seekers available here in this segment are men.

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