Company Profile

“We at Appoks delivering scalable and innovative next Generation Mobile Applications to businesses worldwide”. We offer a vast range of services to our customers.

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What applications have you created so far?

  • We offer a vast range of services to our customers. Whether it’s about website design, android app development, or iOS app development, we provide different applications to our consumers depending on their requirements and preferences.
  • Each customer is the other, and so are their needs. We owe to offer our customers
    customized solutions so they can quickly meet their goals efficiently.

We have created many applications, including

  1. Food booking apps
  2. Taxi booking apps
  3. Handyman booking apps
  4. Doctors booking apps
  5. Home service booking
  6. Tow trucks booking apps
  7. Airport car booking apps
  8. Uber for mechanics booking.

If you also have some requirements and are willing to develop applications that suit you
well, contact us anytime. We owe to serve affordable solutions so everyone there can
quickly meet their goals efficiently.

Our Focus

Businesses nowadays are moving towards digitalization. They need their community to build a brand and interact with customers.

Businesses who are searching for app solutions are usually unaware of the kind of apps they require? Where can they find professionals? Who can build these high-tech mobile applications?

At Appoks Infolab, we believe that Mobile applications are the new era of digital branding and customer retention. We focus on helping businesses to excel in this online transformation.

Our focus is to prepare ready to launch on demand uber like Service Applications. The areas of our expertise – Taxi App Development (Uber Clone App), On Demand laundry & dry Cleaning app, Uber for grocery delivery & Other Uber Services Application. Our products are the quintessence of perennial support, We Already developed many Solutions like Taxi App Clone, Uber for laundry, Uber for Help mate, Uber for grocery delivery, Uber for doctor, etc.


About Core values

Our core value is to deliver efficient work in the given timeline. Launch the apps as per the client’s requirements, and additionally guide them throughout the process. We always provide helpful insights by recommending In-demand apps for your business.

About area of expertise

 We have expertise in all technologies of web and app development. Appoks has Created different in-demand apps such as Taxi app (Uber Clone), laundry & dry Cleaning app, Uber for grocery & delivery, and a bunch of others. Any business or any category you belong to. Our experts are here to make your apps go live.

Case Studies

Appok Infolabs is known for delivering excellent quality software to its clients, our success stories are explained in the form of positive testimonials from our rising list of clients. Our client base is spread in over more than 35 countries.

Appok Infolabs is an app development company with a positive reputation for creating excellent mobile apps. Our services help companies to develop and bring their mobile app ideas to life in a way that their users love. We specialize in apps for iOS and Android devices and we’ve had the opportunity to create apps across multiple industries such as e-commerce, social networking, sports, entertainment and so much more! Our client base spans over 35 countries with a list of successful project completion stories providing positive testimonials from satisfied customers.