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Our Process

Appoks is one of the leading service providers in the marketplace that accepts all kinds of business requirements without any failure. It’s not the size of the business that matters to us, it’s you that is more precious to us. We are here to convert your business ideas into a perfect coding logic so that you could easily acquire vast reach globally. We must go through the different details such as your prerequisites, timetable, and different other things in detail before initiating the project. At Appoks we prefer sound discussions that can lead us to valuable results and enable all the things to go perfectly. The only things we require from your side are:

Few minutes

We require your few minutes to go through a free interview session. This interview is being conducted by our team of professionals who take almost 30 minutes to pose inquiries. Our professionals try to extract the exact idea of the applications we have to develop later. Our team of professionals creates a proposition for you along with a work breakdown structure so that could further work on the project accordingly. Our main motto is to go through your thoughts and conceptions and to provide the things accordingly.

Cost estimation

Cost estimation is the next thing we have to do in detail so that we should start working on our project accordingly. Our team of professionals comes up with unique proposals and ideas that can perfectly improvise your applications. We make sure to add on a perfect QA inclusion and experiment accessibility in this session whose main motto is to comprehend the client prerequisites in a better way. Our team of professionals tries to figure out different things in detail and then try to extract the actual cost of the final projects.

Business Insight

The QA investigation is the part of our business where we try to analyze your business and its basic requirements thoroughly. We try to future out the different positive and negative test situations while composing the different experiments and then try to plan things accordingly. The entire process helps us in finding out the legitimate assessment of your application and the prerequisites it needs to have in its account. 


Security and hacks are the major concerns one usually goes through while working on different projects online. Once done with the different experiments, QA sessions, cost estimation, and much more we try to impose different improvisations, especially on the side of security. We make sure to keep your thoughts protected with us so that nobody can steal your idea or expected project. We also work on the different concerns regularly to remove the chances of making any assumptions or miscommunications with our clients. 

App Development

Planning remains an integral part of this phase in the mobile app development process. Before actual development/programming efforts start, you will have to:

  • define the technical architecture,
  • pick a technology stack, and
  • define the development milestones.

A typical mobile app project is made up of three integral parts: back-end/server technology, API(s) and the mobile app front-end.

Back-End/Server Technology

This part includes database and server-side objects necessary for supporting functions of your mobile app. If you are using an existing back-end platform, then modifications may be needed for supporting the desired mobile functionality.


An Application Programming Interface (API) is a method of communication between the app and a back-end server/database.

Front End Details

The front end of any mobile application simply means the side that is going to be used by the end-user. The mobile applications are usually featured with interactive user interfaces so that everyone could access these conveniently. The applications thus designed are quite effective and help users to get access even without using internet services. While enabling the same, the applications usually use local data storage. 

Our process includes wireframing

Portable application planners regularly start application plan with portrays on paper. Wireframes are the advanced type of portrayals. Wireframes are applied formats, likewise alluded to as low-loyalty mockups—they give visual design to your application’s utilitarian prerequisites.

With wireframes, the emphasis is more on feel and client experience, not on shading plans and styles. Making wireframes is a speedy and financially savvy approach for planning application formats and repeating through them in the plan survey process. While making wireframes you ought to think about gadget explicit plan. So regardless of whether your application is utilized on iPhone, iPad, or Android telephone and tablets; it gives natural and gadget explicit client encounters.

Our process includes mockups

Mockups, or high-constancy plans, are the last renderings of your application’s visual plan. Mockups are made by applying your style guide on to the application wireframes. As your application’s configuration concludes, anticipate that further modifications should its data design, work process, and feel. Adobe Photoshop is the most well known instrument for making high-devotion mockups.


Structurisation is one of the most significant ventures in the application development cycle where perceived and specialized techniques are being placed perfectly so that it could further express the expected project. Right from the beginning to the release, planning is one of the most important parts of any project that helps in perfectly doing things. 


Whenever we talk about an app development process, the two main things that can’t be ignored at all are:

Backend or Server Technology

It is one of the most integral parts of any mobile app development project that includes database and server-side projects for supporting different functions effectively. In case you are already having a perfect back-end platform we try to add modifications to the segment so that it could further support the desired mobile functionality perfectly.


API is an acronym being used for Application Programming Interface. It is a method of communication that is being conducted between the app and a back-end server or a database.


The process of creating different prototypes starts with the applications. Right from portraying things on a paper, the later process goes to the creation of the advanced types of portrayals that help our team and our customers about the future project perfectly. These prototypes help in getting the idea about the exact visualization of the expected projects as per the applicant’s prerequisites. 

The extracted prototypes help in acquiring more feel as per the client experience. It is the best thing we could enable not for shading plans and styles perfectly. Adding more to it, the prototypes thus created make the app development process quite speedy and provide a financially savvy approach to the clients.


Mockups are the last renderings of our application’s visual system that are usually being created by applying your style guide to the application wireframes. The mockups help us in adding up different modifications to the data design, its work progress, feel, and much more, and hence make us convenient to add on different improvements to it.

Doesn’t matter which programming language or database for the backend you are using. The thing that matters most here is the interface that is going to be used by end-users. It should need to be interactive, intuitive, and easy to navigate so that everyone could access it effortlessly.

We make sure to integrate the different advanced technologies in our segment so that each our the applications being developed by us could provide a better user experience. The improving technology, and changing mobile building applications and tools have forced everyone to work in a budget and well-clarified way.  So, Guys! Book your favored mobile application development services today and enjoy hassle-free services quite conveniently. Mobile app development is not a tough science but building it the way users require is one. 

A mobile application should be designed in such a way that it can prove to be a great help for the users without any failure. We at Appoks well know the different requirements of the end-users. We include a team of experienced professionals who go through the different segments of the app development cycle and try to match up the client’s expectations to the fullest so that the results being served by our end could satisfy the client’s and the expected end-users perfectly. Our client’s satisfaction is our appraisal and we strictly owe to it. 

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